Tired, ineffective storage heating solved with healthy, efficient, energy saving Infrared. Stylish, efficient infrared heating panels are the perfect replacement for bulky, tired storage heating and electric radiators. Using panels that can be fitted to your walls and ceilings provides space saving, cost effective warmth throughout the coldest winters. 
Even better…pairing with an existing solar panel supply, could mean heating your home entirely off the electrical grid. 
More Heat, Less Energy. 
Infrared heats the objects in the space around it (walls, floors, ceiling etc.) rather than the air so less energy is required to heat your home. 
Servicing of equipment 
No pipes or pumps required means you won’t be out of pocket for servicing and repairs each year. 
Added Health Benefits 
The feeling you have when the warmth of the sun hits you is achieved in your home. Infrared is documented to have health benefits such as easing symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. You will also find the allergens and dust are no longer spread around the home, unlike conventional heating, so you can be certain of a healthy environment. 
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