Infrared heating Colchester
Infrared Heating – The perfect companion for Sustainable energy 
With the ever increasing threat of combustible fuels on our environment, most of us would like to take steps to secure the world’s sustainability for future generations. For many of us these changes begin at home. Whether it’s walking to the shops, instead of driving, or changing our diesel car to electric, we’re all able to do our bit. 
Infrared Heating allows us to be a part of that change. You may be using solar panels already to generate electricity or using a renewable energy supplier. Changing from the use of combustible fuels such gas or oil to a home heated by infrared will ensure that you are even greener and that our world can be safe for the thousands of years to come. 
At Infrared Marketing, we are in partnership with experts in renewable energy. Utilising solar energy to power the home for heating and hot water systems is the perfect solution for those who are keen on preventing further climate change. Incentives are still available with solar energy storage. The more we can use our world's natural resources, the cheaper our energy bills and the more we our helping towards the environment. 
Renewable energy can also be used at source. Our infrared heating panels are powered by electricity and with the range of energy suppliers providing green energy, they are the perfect replacement for existing convection and combustible heating systems. 
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