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For so long, convection heating has been the standard in household heating. With new innovative technology, the solution to effective, energy efficient, healthy heating is now at your fingertips. Unlike convection heating, which warms the air when the radiator warms up, infrared uses a principal similar to how we are warmed by the sun. Infrared is emitted from the heater and travels through the air until it hits the objects around the room. The objects absorb the radiation and produce heat.  
How the 2 compare 
Infrared eco friendly Essex
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Comparison in detail 
Commercial Infrared heating solution Colchester

Convection Heating  Operating on the principal of warming the air around you. As the heater (radiator) warms up, the air directly around the heater warms up which then proceeds to expand and rise creating a vacuum behind it. This then draws the cold air back towards the heater, which is heated as before. As hot air begins to cool down again, it drops back towards floor level to repeat the cycle over again.   This picture clearly indicates the cycle of air moving around a room using convection heating and where the hottest part of the room will be. The cycle of air also encourages and enables dust to circulate around the room which can have an impact on people who suffer with allergies. 

Infrared eco friendly Colchester

Infrared Heating  Infrared heating is an innovative and somewhat recent addition to the options available for domestic heating. Infrared is emitted from the heater, travelling unimpeded through the air until it hits the structure of your home i.e. walls and objects within the room. The structure absorbs the radiation and in turn produces heat back into the room. Using Infrared heating is a clean and very energy efficient way of heating. There are additionally, health benefits being associated with the use of infrared heating.   In this picture, the heat is demonstrated as warming the structure creating an even distribution of warmth throughout. It can honestly be said that there is no other more instant, economical, healthier and environmentally friendly way of heating. 

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