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Sustainable energy has become somewhat of a ‘sound bite’ in recent times. The young, middle-aged and old alike are protesting against climate change using the slogan ‘There is NO Planet B’. So what can we do in our own homes? 
Using sustainable energy is a large part of the answer, replacing combustible fuel consumption in your home and for transport with electric alternatives may be your contribution and infrared heating could be part of that solution. Particularly, if you are already using solar energy and sustainable energy suppliers. 
Infrared is essentially light energy. The invisible light energy on the electromagnetic spectrum begins with Infrared light and it is this energy that provides heat we feel from the suns rays. In the fight to save our planet 
Click here for article on students leading the cause against climate change 
At Infrared Heating IHS (, we are committed to the development of the use of sustainable energy in Essex and the surrounding counties. Infrared heating in your home is efficient, energy saving and utilises renewable energy. Not only will you be helping to save the environment but also saving money. 
With the range of products available, we can provide the perfect, energy saving heating system for your home. 
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