Shenzhen Yandiya Technology Limited has been following the news and guidelines set out by the health and safety executive in Shenzhen, making sure that all of our manufacturing staff and key personnel are protected from any outbreak. 
The manufacturing plant has implemented its own safety precautions within the factory environment and these have been adopted in homes for all our employees. 
Following guidelines set out by the management, all employees are tested twice a day with temperature checks, as well as compulsory of wearing masks while in work and in outside area. 
At present we are 80% staffed as we have a 14 days compulsory quarantined some management staff returning as a precaution as they have returned to Shenzhen after the Lunar Holiday. For the foreseeable future we are not accepting any visitors into the factory, as well as twice a day we are using disinfectant to clean down factory, the is a precautionary measure as we don’t want to interrupt your supply chain. 
As part of our effect to bring our facility back online, we from a total of 12000 factory allowed to open were able to reopen our doors by the 14th February out of over 200,000 factories in Shenzhen. 
This on-going protection to eliminate and reduce the risk of spreading the virus will continue until such time as it is deemed safe to relax our safety protocol, none of these precaution have affected our ability to supply and as such we are working with our supplier sharing resources and have now got a full supply chain back open. 
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