Cürv Infrared Heating Panels 

Utilising the latest SMART technology, temperature control is always at your fingertips. 
Offering a stylish energy-efficient alternative to traditional convection heating, Infrared Cürv heating panels are a true investment. Which means you’re not only reducing your energy consumption, but you’re also saving yourself money in the long run. 
With UK-designed Infrared Cürv panels, you’ll be covered by our 15-year warranty, leaving you secure in the knowledge that your product is safe in the event of any mechanical issues. After a quick and easy installation, you’re good to go with high-quality, maintenance-free heating systems that are built to last. 
Our infrared panels are fully equipped with intelligent smart controls, which enables you to control your heating at the touch of a button. 
Available Sizes: 
600 x 600 350 Watts Recommended Room Size: 7m² 
900 x 600 550 Watts Recommended Room Size: 11m² 
1200 x 600 750 Watts Recommended Room Size: 14m² 
1500 x 600 1000 Watts Recommended Room Size: 19m² 
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