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On 10th October 2019 at 11:35:05, Paul M Jobling wrote: 
I am the National Sales Manager for Orele3, heading up our Go2green renewable energy and grid nuetral division, I have approacing 6 years experience of selling and installing solar and I he used numerous manufacturers and suppliers over the years not always without problems alas. 
All I can say is whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, look no further the knowledge that Mervin and his son David have in this arena is unrivalled, as is there service and support, if it's Infrared you want of any description panels, cassettes, mirrors or fleese your in the right place. 
Paul M Jobling 
National Sales Manager for Orele3 and Go2geen. 
On 13th February 2024 at 12:46, Gary Rowland, Seahorse Studio, Aldeburgh wrote:
I thought long and hard about using infrared heating for the new holiday apartment I was building in Aldeburgh.

Having successfully used bar heaters in our events space in Suffolk, I met Mervyn and his team on site to look at possibilities for heating the 50m2 open plan, accessible space.

The team were very proactive and helped to draw up the specs and identify the best products. We used a large framed image panel which is printed with a unique artwork by leading graphic artist Paul Wearing, and six smaller frameless panels in a plywood room divider.

I asked if they were available in colours as I wanted to create a modern Bauhaus-inspired look. We had them sprayed in primary colours by a local car sprayer and mounted them synched to a thermostatically controlled switch.

They are very efficient and eye-catching as no one could guess they are heaters!

The whole space works brilliantly, and our guests have pointed out how cosy and practical the space is.

We are working on several other projects and will incorporate the new Far IR systems.
On 1st August 2023 at 16:30, Nicola Goodman at Ferriers Barn wrote:
Ferriers Barn which is a day centre for adults with disabilities needed to change its heating system, we discussed many different options and decided on infrared panels. These are efficient, silent, easy to control and program. Each room can be set at a completely different temperatures and they can be fitted anywhere.

Once we had decided to go down this route, I Googled companies in our area and came across Mervyn and his company “Infrared Heating IHS”.

We have not been disappointed, communication has been brilliant all along, the panels are very good value and being able to have different styles and sizes for each room is fantastic. Mervyn came along and measured everything and provided us with a quote which was easy to understand.

The first winter we used to panels, the difference was incredible, we were all warm, there was no awful noise (our old heating system was oil and wall heaters) this new system was just fantastic. We were just out of lockdown and having to have the windows open, but due to the way the panels work, you still stayed warm even on the coldest days.

There is no maintenance, which is great.

Obviously with the cost of electricity going up you may think that this will be a huge expense, we found that over the year our electricity cost us the same as using the oil and having things serviced, BUT we were warm! We could hear and we were snug.

I would definitely recommend this system to others and I would also advise you to use Mervyn and his team, not only are you supporting a local business you get the personal touch and communication you wouldn’t get from a larger company.

5 stars all round!
On 26th July 2023 at 16:03, Chris Lane, President, Colchester Spiritualist Centre wrote:
We have six large panels in our main hall and several in adjoining smaller rooms, including a lovely mirrored/lit panel in the main toilet. These look smart and modern, work automatically and efficiently to maintain exactly the temperature we want during the times of our events, keeping a minimum winter temperature otherwise. Our electricity bills are much lower, despite price increases, and installation by a seperate qualified electrician was easy and done in a day. Exactly what we needed and I'm confident it will see us through a decade or several - thank you Mervyn!

Chris Lane, President, Colchester Spiritualist Centre
"When we talked about refitting the premises, not only did we want to provide a work place that looked nice, but we wanted to ensure we could finally cope in the winter without wearing company gloves. 
We decided to go with the standard white panels and we were well advised by the Infrared Marketing team on the sizes and positions of the chosen panels. 
At Micro Scooters, we have since found the white infrared panels extremely useful in our working office. It has even been a cost saving change for us. The heaters work perfectly, maintain a good office temperature even during the coldest December snap!". 
Mr Gibson 
Mersea Micro Scooters 
"The search for the correct kind of heating for Hot Yoga is very difficult. There are so many variables. Also, when it comes to infrared, one has to be careful of the kind of panels one uses. 
Coming in contact with Infrared Marketing Ltd was a joy from start to finish. Their customer service is second to none. Now that I have bought and tested the panels, I am still welcome to call if I have any questions. The panels I love! The health benefits run parallel with my vocation as a yoga teacher at my yoga school. Also, my own health I feel, is not under pressure if I have to teach more classes. Not breathing in forced hot air after 12 years of doing yoga is a heated room, is a welcome gift. 
Mrs Douglas 
Bikrams Hot Yoga 
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